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Artists' Alley

Updates! - 
July 23rd - We're going with an artists prompt system. If you are following along on Instagram or Twitter, you can use hashtag #BenjaConArt to get in on the action. 

You know how you walk through a comic convention and interact draw stuff at Comic Con based on requests from people? Well because of that, we are going with a prompt system. Every day, a new prompt will be released based on my thoughts/observations and what people suggest to me. 

Daily Prompt List
  1. Pandemic Hero
  2. Facemask
  3. Gloves
  4. ...

Artists that draw things in the spirit of BenjaCon will be featured here. I'll be gathering art from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else it comes in from. 

  • Have Fun
  • Let It Flow
  • Hashtag #BenjaConArt to be found
  • Embrace the Comic Convention Spirit
  • Don't feel limited to drawing/sketching/painting. Anything creative is fair game.
  • Show yourself in some of the pics. Unlike artists' alley in real life, we can't see you in person. 
  • Bonus points if you print out a badge. (Now available on the REGISTRATION page.)

If you'd like to do some art for people as they browse BenjaCon, be sure to let me know through the Social Page.

- Mr Benja - 


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